Remedies for Dark circles.

Remedies for Dark circles.

Many find dark circles horrifying, as it makes them look much older than their age. It is the most common and not-so-serious skin complication unless you have a prior medical condition. Addressing these dark circles is not difficult, as there are different means, through which you can get rid of them. However, you should know that dark circles will take a little time to disappear. In the case of sleep deprivation and tiredness, dark circles disappear much quickly, without any treatment, in most cases. In the case of aging, toxic accumulation, smoking, or excessive skin damage due to various factors, getting rid of dark circles isn’t easy, and you need to opt for the safest means to get rid of them, as the area around the eyes is quite sensitive. Eye creams are the effective means to address the dark circles as these creams trigger your skin to heal and rejuvenate itself naturally. The best under eye cream for men is one that promotes the collagen production and lightens the skin in the applied area.

Here are few simple remedies for Dark Circles-

1. Applying anything that is vitamin C and lycopene-rich will help you address your dark circles, effectively. Applying the lemon juice or tomato juice beneath your eyes is said to remove the dead cells, and lighten your skin. Make sure you wash off these, within 10 minutes.

2. At times, dehydration will be the prime reason for the dark circles. Increase your water consumption; this will also improve the radiance of your skin. Placing the cucumber slices on your eyes is another excellent idea, which cools and rehydrates your skin.

3. Gentle massage with the almond oil, beneath your eyes, will improve the collagen production within the skin. However, this takes a little longer time and has to be repeated till the dark circles disappear.

4. Caffeine and the antioxidants present in the tea bags are said to constrict the blood vessels, which will make your blood vessels less prominent, and thus aid your dark circles to disappear at a much faster rate. Placing the tea bags on your eyes for 20 minutes, and washing off, can make the dark circles disappear, in no time.