Difference between golf disc and ball golf

Difference between golf disc and ball golf

The disc outdoor games can be of different types. Let’s see how a disc golf games is different with ball golf at http://www.outdoorsporty.com/:
There is plenty of room for both sports and the proof is in the numbers. DG courses are being installed at a frantic pace while ball golf courses are struggling to stay afloat. Let’s analyse some categories common to both games.

Cost of equipment – $50 for an entry level bag with three discs. Ball golf – $500 for clubs, balls, carts etc. $500 is probably a very low estimate, but even at that it is 10 times the cost. Considering the sports are so similar, why pay extra?

Green fees – Disc Golf is FREE, ball golf is – fill in the blank here – EXPENSIVE! Ball golf green fees or country club memberships are not free. Although some private DG courses charge a nominal fee like $5 for a full days’ worth of play, they are an incredible bargain.

Time involved playing a round – Nine holes of disc golf can be played in 45 minutes with time left over for lunch. That is why many commercial business parks are installing DG courses on their campuses for their employees to take advantage of during their breaks. Weekend players can get together with their friends for 18 holes and be home in 2 hours’ time if the course is nearby. Compare that with the 4-5 hours needed for 18 holes of ball golf.

Walking instead of riding – 98% of Disc Golfers walk the course they play since the courses are measured in feet not yards verses 90% of ball golfers ride in their golf carts. Walking while you play and getting exercise is an added benefit of playing Disc Golf.

A family lifetime sport – Compare going to a public park with your family with no tee time and playing a casual round to the structured pressure of going to a public or private ball golf course where players are waiting for you to finish the hole.

Finally, from an environmental view point, look at all the fertilizer, herbicide, irrigation and constant mowing and upkeep needed to maintain a ball golf course. With water shortages becoming common place and chemicals from fairways and greens washing into the rivers and streams, ball golf leaves a heavy carbon footprint compared to the low maintenance of a disc golf course. A lot of disc golf courses and blogs at outdoorsporty.com which will surely help you in making your game better.